Emergency Dentistry

At 5 Star Smiles we know that when a dental emergency happens, time is of the essence. We pride ourselves at the efforts we will go to to provide our patience with the most immediate, clear and informative plan possible. Contact 5 Star Smiles about any dental emergency today!

Emergency Dentistry in Coral Gables, FL.

Any dental condition that causes major pain or discomfort, severely impacts your ability to eat or speak, or otherwise requires immediate attention should be best treated by going to the nearest hospital emergency room. An emergency dental checkup differs from a normal dental procedure because your dentist is looking at a specified region of the mouth. An emergency dentist is going to focus their time and energy looking at and diagnosing on one specific tooth.

5 Star Smiles has worked in local emergency rooms and understands the whole range of dental problems that need treatment right away, as well as the emotional roller coaster they create for patients. If you believe the crisis may be best resolved by a highly-rated emergency dentist with some delay, 5 Star Smiles Dentists will be alerted by the after-hours. Many emergencies can be avoided with good preventive care, so be sure to have regular check-ups and get advice on how best to maintain your oral health.