5 Star Smiles provides a variety of general dentistry services, ranging from dental examinations to deep cleanings. Your oral health is our top priority with our highly qualified dentists that are gentle and do everything in their power to make you feel comfortable and relaxed!

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Types of general dentistry procedures

A tooth extraction is an emergency dental procedure by which the entire tooth, including the root, is extracted from the gums. A local anesthetic is applied to the surface area of the tooth. If the entire tooth is visible, and not under any gum or bone tissue the process is more simple as the dentist is able to extract the entire tooth.

This procedure is needed for a number of reasons. If you have a tooth that has suffered decay, maybe the tooth has a cavity or an abscessed tooth where the damage to the tooth is irreparable and needs to be removed entirely. Another reason for tooth extraction is overcrowding, infection, or damage from radiation.


While preparing for a tooth extraction, you will have an X-Ray taken to get a better picture of the area surrounding the infected tooth. You may be prescribed antibiotics to lower your chances for infection from the surgery.

Oral hygiene should be a critical part of your health and wellness plan, with the same amount of care and attention as other medical concerns. Professional teeth cleaning can be a preventative treatment to help you from developing any major dental problems. When our dentists regularly look into your oral health, not only are you able to catch oral health issues early on and address them, you can also prevent them altogether.


This process involves a deep inspection of the mouth, noticing if there are any cavities or soft areas in the mouth. Any signs of damage from grinding teeth or problems with your jaw or bite will be accessed, as well as patches, lumps, or sores which indicate the possibility of oral cancer. Another common issue our dentists will look for is gum disease.


The teeth cleaning involves the removal of plaque, scrubbing and polishing, and the use of a fluoride treatment.

A root canal is a procedure where the inner tissues, known as pulp, are removed from within the roots of the tooth. A root canal is needed when the tooth and its roots become infected or abscessed. A root canal can alleviate the pain you are experiencing due to an abscess or tooth that has decayed.


This process involves taking x-rays of your tooth and evaluating the surrounding area. You may be asked to take antibiotics for several days before the procedure. These antibiotics can help your body fight off the infection, making the anesthetics used prior to the root canal more effective and reducing any pain. Our dentist will numb the area, isolate the tooth and open the tooth in order to remove any access to the soft tissues within the roots of your tooth. We will use tools to scrape and remove any tooth pulp from its roots. A sanitizing solution will be used to kill any lingering bacteria and a rubberlike bacteria will be used to fill the empty roots of the tooth.

Oral cancer is any cancer occurring in the oral cavity including the tongue, cheeks, gums, or roof of the mouth. Since symptoms can be painless, it is easy to miss the early signs of oral cancer. This is best treated when it has been detected early enough. At 5 star smiles you can request for oral cancer screening which takes only a few minutes to fully complete. During the screening, the dentist will use gloves to check the insides of your mouth.


Oral cancer usually occurs by developing lumps in the inner mouth tissues. The dentist will check for such lumps and if any scan their consistency for cancerous properties. After oral cancer screening, the dentist will guide you on how to check for such lumps by yourself thus maintaining your general dental health.